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22 Dezember 2017
Bitte nur lesen, das ist keine Aufforderung ihm zu folgen, davon würde ich nach momentaner Infolage sogar von absehen, aber behandelt einige gute Infos

The Crypto Manifesto
Why cryptocurrencies are the smartest speculation you can make today

By Teeka Tiwari

In 2017, you couldn’t pick up a newspaper without reading about someone making a fortune in cryptocurrencies.
• Forbes reports if you invested just $100 in the top 10 cryptocurrencies of last year ($1,000 total), you could have banked a yearly profit of $64,707…

• And if you took Glenn Beck’s advice way back in 2013, when he first started talking about bitcoin, you could have ridden it from $230 per coin all the way to $20,000.
But now in 2018, after a brutal sell-off that’s sent bitcoin down over 62%… And the major media proclaiming the “death of bitcoin”…
You might wonder… Is it still possible to make those types of gains in cryptocurrencies? Is this something you even want to do?

I can answer without hesitation: Yes!

As I’ll show you in a moment, thousands of ordinary people who read my investment research and recommendations have seen incredible gains…

• Since I first recommended bitcoin, it has jumped 4,362%—turning every $1,000 invested into $43,620.

• Since I recommended another cryptocurrency, ether, it jumped 15,279%—and every
$1,000 grew into $152,790.

• A Chinese cryptocurrency I recommended jumped 120,000%—and every $1,000 grew into $1.2 million.
If you’re like most people, you will find these results astonishing. But this is just the beginning.
In all, I’ve recommended 36 cryptocurrencies, with average gains between February 2016 and January 2018 of over 3,218%.

One of my followers, B.J. from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, wrote in to tell me that she and her hus- band had turned a $12,000 investment into $1,032,763.

Carolyn H. from Kailua, Hawaii, told me she had turned her small investment of just $453 into $42,643.

Dr. Evan Lipkis, a family practice physician from Chicago, came to the office to personally thank me after he turned a $25,000 starting stake into $1.7 million.

In case you’re wondering, these people aren’t professional or sophisticated traders.

These are ordinary people who simply had the courage to try something new, and have had their lives changed for the better because of it.

That’s part of the reason Glenn Beck and I are hosting our special event on July 19 called The Truth About Cryptocurrencies.
Because the fact is, despite our best efforts over the past few years, most people missed out on the big gains last year.

People didn’t miss out because they’re lazy or slow, but simply because they don’t understand the cryptocurrency market… where to start… what to buy… why to buy it… when to buy it… how to buy it… and how to store and trade it securely.

If you’re in this boat, I understand.

It’s only natural to be cautious about investing in a new asset that is so different from anything you’ve dealt with before—and so volatile.

But the good news is it’s not too late for you to have your own crypto success story. And Glenn and I want to make sure you’re prepared to profit.

That’s because an even bigger opportunity to make more money from cryptocurrencies is devel- oping right now—under most people’s noses.

You see, while most investment analysts were relying on their computer keyboards to do their research for them, I traveled more than 60,000 miles—to attend private one-on-one meetings and conferences in New York, London, Toronto, Portugal, Colombia, and Germany…

All so I could get to personally meet the inventors, company founders, CEOs, board members, and most powerful backers of the cryptocurrency industry.

I’ve looked them in the eye and asked them the tough questions one on one. So far, I’ve met with people such as:
• Vitalik Buterin: The founder of Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency blockchains in the world.

• Roger Ver: One of the earliest bitcoin millionaires and a well-known investor in the space.

• John McAfee: Cybersecurity legend and one of the world’s most in-demand cryptocurren- cy speakers.
• Erik Voorhees: The CEO of one of America’s most important crypto companies, and one of the top 10 most influential people in the industry.

• Ryan Taylor: The CEO of Dash and a really interesting guy who quit his position at a multi- billion-dollar hedge fund in New York to leap into the cryptocurrency space…

• And dozens more…

These are names and faces you most likely won’t recognize. But they’re the innovators and driv- ing forces behind the scenes of the biggest investment bull market in U.S. history.
You see, despite the doom-and-gloom predictions you may have read in the press…

And despite the fact that cryptos have pulled back from last year’s record-breaking highs…

The opportunity for you in cryptocurrencies is bigger today than it was at the start of 2017.

I know that’s a big claim.

But I’ve been working on Wall Street since I was 18.

At the age of 21, I was the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman.

I was there for the dot-com boom, the housing boom, the gold boom, and the incredible bull mar- ket of the 1990s.

And I can tell you without hesitation that what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market today is the biggest and most urgent investment opportunity I’ve come across in the past 30 years.

This is the reason why I’ve created this report for you.

Because the opportunity I’ve been investigating these past few months has the potential to make you just as much money—if not more money—than people made from cryptocurrencies in 2017.

That’s because, as you’ll see, we’re just at the beginning of what I believe will be a major tipping point for cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them: the blockchain.
And unless you want to look back in five years wishing that you’d gotten in while the elevator was on the ground floor, then you need to get in now.

Because if you want to claim your share of the profits, you need to make your move before the big money starts flowing in.


Not at all…

All you need to do is align yourself with an insider—someone “tapped into” the exclusive network of cryptocurrency experts… someone with a proven ability to spot the big, new trend before it becomes mainstream.
Over the next few minutes, I’m going to prove to you that I’m that person.

And I’ll also prove how you could easily bank up to five times your money by the end of the year from just one opportunity that I’d like to share with you today…

Let me explain…

Is the Bull Market in Cryptocurrencies Over?
You’d have to be living under a rock not to know about the vicious sell-off in the cryptocurrency market in 2018.

If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, this kind of volatility can be unnerving. But it isn’t new. Volatility and any new investment class go hand-in-hand.
In 2017 alone, bitcoin saw five corrections of 30% or more. We saw “crashes” of 34%, 33%, 39%, 40%, and 30%.

Think about that. Five 30%-plus corrections in just over a year.

The U.S. stock market hasn’t had a crash of 30% or more in nearly a decade.

But when you look at the entire history of bitcoin, you can see that large corrections—just like the one we’re seeing now—have always led to new all-time highs.

In fact, since launching in 2009, bitcoin has gone through three major bull runs and crashes… Take a look at this chart…

Bitcoin’s first run took it from $5 per coin to over $200.

When it fell to $70, the media said that was the end for bitcoin.

But look at what happened a few months later. It hit another record high of $1,100 per coin.

See what happened next?

It began another steady decline… falling all the way back to $230 per coin by 2015.

Once again, most people in the financial media declared it the “death of bitcoin.” Glenn was one of the rare exceptions who came out at the time, telling his listeners to test the waters with just

And if you listened to Glenn then, you would have cashed in as bitcoin went from $230 all the way to $19,700 per coin.
Now, bitcoin has fallen since then—over 70% from peak to trough.

And a lot of people got scared, fearing the opportunity in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was over.

But I wasn’t surprised in the slightest by this latest bout of volatility.

In fact, on December 6, 2017, I predicted it. I warned people, “Volatility is coming, prepare yourself.”

And then, as the market got a little overheated, on January 4, I sent out an alert telling my readers to take partial profits off the table… giving them the chance to lock in profits of 1,604%, 710%, 643%, 1,226%, and 11,318%.

By February 6, the entire cryptocurrency market was down over 60%. Sounds scary, right?
But this happens often when you invest in new technology.

Do You Remember How the Internet Boom Played Out?
When the modern internet first appeared in 1993, most investment analysts and technology ex- perts had no idea what it would develop into, let alone how much money would eventually flow to investors.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates famously said in 1994, “I see little commercial potential for the inter- net for the next 10 years.”

But by 1999, it was the biggest show in town.

Just like cryptocurrencies, the internet was first misunderstood, and it took time to catch on be- fore wide-scale adoption exploded.

Just like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology today, a lot of smart people were convinced that the internet was just a passing fad.

And because of that, a lot of regular investors missed out on once-in-a-lifetime gains. Perhaps you were one of them…
But if you were one of the few with the courage to place a few small bets on internet technology before the rest of the world caught on to how big it was going to be... you could have made your fortune—all from a small starting stake.
For example, you could have made 29,919% from Apple—turning a tiny $200 stake into more than $59,838.

You could have made 55,549% from Amazon—turning $200 into $111,098…

And you could have made 82,757% from Microsoft—turning $200 into more than $164,000…

But here’s the thing… Like cryptocurrencies, none of these companies went up in a straight line… Take a look at this chart of Microsoft that shows its monster run from 1986 to 2000:

How many times have you heard someone wish they’d invested in a company like Microsoft when it was trading for pennies a share?
During that period, the stock rose from 10 cents per share to over $50. From valley to peak, every
$1,000 investment in Microsoft turned into $500,000. But people forget how wild that ride was…
Microsoft’s first decade as a public company was just as volatile as bitcoin and many other cryp- tocurrencies are today.

This volatility dropped off somewhat in the 1990s…

But you can clearly see that, even though we were in the biggest bull market in history in the ’90s, Microsoft was still very volatile.

We’re seeing the same sort of action in cryptocurrencies.

Want to Know the Secret to Making Your Fortune in Cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies are the perfect market for “asymmetric bets.”

These are the type of bets where you risk a small amount of money for the potential to make huge gains.

Because these trades have massive upside, you can keep your positions small. You just need to put $100, $200, or $400 into a winning position to make significant gains.

For example, if you invested $400 when I first recommended a company I call the “Ethereum of China,” it would now be worth $213,114.

With that type of opportunity, you don’t need to bet big. And here’s the thing…
Along the way, the “Ethereum of China” has dropped in price from $9.79 to $5.96… from $47.58 to $13.59… and from $79.76 to $52.82.

But each of these dramatic declines was followed by a rally…

And if you bought it on the lows, you could have collected gains of 2,619%, 1,092%, and 206%—in a matter of weeks.

Believe it or not, in our special live broadcast of The Truth About Cryptocurrencies, I’ll show you why you’re facing an even bigger opportunity with cryptocurrencies today.
Yes… even though cryptocurrencies have been around a few years… Even though they’ve already had a massive run-up in price…
Even though after reaching record-breaking highs last year, their prices have fallen dramatically…

As you’ll see, right now could be your best opportunity to turn a tiny stake into a small fortune.

You see, even though many people think that the biggest gains are gone, according to my research, an event is about to take place that could send cryptocurrency prices past their 2017 highs…

So you see, even though the mainstream media will tell you that the cryptocurrency bull market is over…

Even though the so-called experts will tell you that you’d have to be CRAZY to invest now… When it comes to investments, I don’t believe in hope… I put my faith in my research.
And my research tells me that you don’t want to be caught sitting on the sidelines when crypto- currencies begin their next run-up…

Because if history is any guide, it could take bitcoin to $40,000, $50,000, even $100,000 per coin or more… and other cryptocurrencies could go up far more.

Should You Buy Into This Market Now?
Recently, I got together with some of my cryptocurrency contacts in New York at one of the big- gest cryptocurrency conferences in the world.
There, I was invited to a private event hosted by Mike Novogratz—a former partner at Goldman Sachs. Novogratz is the manager of the biggest crypto investment firm in the world. And he was one of the first Wall Street guys to realize the importance of cryptos.

At his party, I met a lot of young cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

But what intrigued me the most was the number of money managers from venture capital firms, hedge funds, and other big institutions in attendance. They were all excited about investing in the cryptocurrency market.

In all, over 1,700 people attended this conference. And most of them were from hedge funds, venture capital firms, family offices, and endowment funds.

Normally, after an industry drops 50% (the way the crypto market had), investors flee—especially the professionals who are involved in early-stage deals. They’ve typically cashed out and moved on to the next big thing.
But I’m seeing major, top-tier venture capital firms step into this space for the first time. These guys missed the big gains from 2014–2017. But they’re trying to make up for lost time and are now making lots of investments.
Last year, according to investment analytical firm PitchBook Data, there were 377 deals done in the blockchain space. In the first two months of 2018, there were 138 completed deals alone.

That means we’re on pace to see over 800 deals this year—more than double the amount of deals from last year.
This is going to lead to an absolute explosion in the technology.

It’s Already Beginning…
In February, JPMorgan published a new report on cryptocurrencies suggesting that they could have a significant role to play in everyone’s portfolio…

Just weeks ago, investment management firm BlackRock—which has $5.7 trillion in assets under management—said it believes that cryptocurrencies will become much more widely used in the weeks and months ahead.

Wellington Management, which has over $1 trillion assets under management, said it was consid- ering adding crypto assets to its client portfolios.
Here’s the thing…

These aren’t tiny, Mickey Mouse hedge funds with a few million dollars under management. These aren’t crackpots. These are huge institutional funds with TRILLIONS of dollars at their disposal.
If BlackRock alone decided to move 5% of its assets under management into the cryptocurrency market, it would DOUBLE the size of the entire cryptocurrency market overnight.

Take STEEM, a cryptocurrency which has a total capitalization under $500 million. If a large hedge fund or family office were to invest that same amount (a drop in the bucket for many of them!), the price would double virtually overnight.

Do you see the opportunity here?

There is roughly $100 trillion worth of assets under management worldwide.

If these funds all shifted 5% of their assets into cryptocurrencies… can you imagine how much money investors could make?

Clearly, it’s not too late for you to get started.

I believe the amount of money we’re going to see coming into this space will be more than we have ever seen before.

And it’s important you get in now.

What Should You Buy?

Most people today are confused by cryptocurrencies. I understand that.

Less than 1% of people on this planet actually own a significant amount of cryptocurrency… and most cryptos have only been around for less than a decade.

That’s why I asked my team to put together this free special report for you.

We wanted to get it into your hands so you can prepare for our main event, The Truth About Cryptocurrencies, on July 19.

And as you know, during the event, I will reveal the names of three cryptocurrencies that I believe you absolutely must buy now.

But I wrote this report because I want you to be ahead of the curve. So I’m going to share my first recommendation with you now...
And that recommendation is… bitcoin (BTC).

You might be wondering why bitcoin is such a big deal. After all, it’s the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Everyone has heard of it. And everyone knows that after rocketing to
$20,000 in 2017, it’s down over 60%.

But there are two reasons why you need to own some bitcoin… I’ll explain them now…

And if you’re still not sure about cryptocurrencies, my team has written a brief introduction on this new asset class to get you up to speed. And we’ve added a short guide to show you how to buy your first bitcoin.

Two Reasons You Should Own Bitcoin Now
In May 2018, I attended Consensus, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain conference.

When I attended Consensus in 2016, there were maybe 1,000 people… and they were all suit-wearing bankers.
Last year, there were a few more people… about 2,500. It was a full event then. This year’s atten- dance smashed that record. This year, there were over 8,500 people—and that doesn’t include the hundreds of vendors who were present.

There were a lot of ideas discussed at the conference.

My best takeaway, however, is that bitcoin is wildly undervalued. There are two reasons for this:

• Reason No. 1: Bitcoin is the reserve currency of the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin is an analog to the U.S. dollar.

All national fiat currencies (yen, euros, pesos, etc.) are measured against the U.S. dollar, which makes the U.S. dollar the world’s most “in-demand” currency.
All world cryptocurrencies (ether, Ripple, Monero, etc.) are priced in bitcoin—making bitcoin the world’s most “in-demand” cryptocurrency.
You will need bitcoin to buy most every other cryptocurrency—including the two plays that I will recommend you buy on July 19.
• Reason No. 2: Faster transaction times will push bitcoin prices even higher.

Today, bitcoin trades at about $6,500 per coin. But major tailwinds could push bitcoin to $40,000 by the end of 2018. That would be a 515% gain.

Even if bitcoin just reaches its all-time of $20,000, that would be a 200%-plus increase. So you can see that bitcoin still offers the potential for life-changing gains.
Here’s why I’m so excited about it…

One of the biggest problems facing bitcoin is its ability to scale. Scaling is the ability to expand its network.

As I said, bitcoin is the most popular crypto in the world. There are thousands of bitcoin transac- tions per day on the bitcoin network (called a blockchain). All that traffic slows down the network and drives up costs.

However, a new solution is coming soon. It’s called the Lightning Network. I won’t bore you with all the technical details.
The key takeaway is that the Lightning Network can handle thousands of transactions per second. That’s up from bitcoin’s current rate of three transactions per second.
It’s the equivalent of going from a horse-and-buggy to a Bugatti Veyron—one of the world’s fast- est production cars.

On top of that, the Lightning Network will lower usage costs from an average of $1 per transac- tion to one millionth of a penny per transaction.
The Lightning Network could cause an explosion of bitcoin usage.

That’s because—all of a sudden—bitcoin will be cheap enough and fast enough for everyday use in transactions.
Bitcoin will cost one-millionth of a penny to use. Credit card fees can cost 3% of a transaction. Do the math… Merchants will love it.

So how do you take advantage of this?

My team has put together a short write-up below that will show you what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, and how to buy your first bitcoin.

It’s a great primer to help you get started understanding this new asset class. But of course, the main event is on July 19: The Truth About Cryptocurrencies.
There, for the first time, I’ll share an investment announcement so BIG that I had to partner with Glenn Beck—one of the most recognized radio and TV personalities in America—to help get the word out to as many people as possible.

You made a great decision to sign up for this free event because you get…

• Access to my “Cryptocurrency Academy” video training series—where my team will walk you through how to invest in any cryptocurrency, even if you have no prior experience and introduce you to this new, exciting, and often misunderstood market.

• A complete breakdown of my investment strategy (the exact strategy that’s helped me spot multiple 1,000%-plus winners).

• A live Q&A session with me—where I’ll answer your most burning questions (keep in mind, I can’t give personalized advice).
• A 90-minute investment briefing on July 19 at 8 p.m. ET. In The Truth About Cryptocur- rencies, Glenn and I will reveal the facts about cryptocurrencies that no one else will tell you—including why cryptocurrencies could be about to experience another major break- out beginning August 2018... And I’ll give you the names of three cryptos you absolutely must buy now.
• Plus, you’ll have the chance to claim your portion of free bitcoin during our $1 Million Bit- coin Giveaway—The Glenn Beck Crypto Challenge.

You see, I’m so confident that cryptocurrencies will be going up much, much higher that I’m personally buying $1 million worth of bitcoin and giving it away during this special presentation with Glenn Beck so you can see the proof with your own eyes.

If you haven’t already, click here to sign up now.

Below, you’ll find two reports by my team that will tell you a little more about what cryptocurren- cies are, as well as how to buy your first bitcoin.

I hope you find them helpful.

Teeka Tiwari

Chief Investment Analyst Palm Beach Research Group


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