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3 Januar 2018
Hallo hat von euch wer auch diese email bekommen?

Dear Cryptopians,

You are receiving this automated email because we have identified that you have a balance or deposit address for one or more of the following coins.

As of today (May 7th), the below coins have been put into delisting.

We are delisting these coins as they have ongoing technical problems such as no working Block Explorer and we want to ensure our customers have access to digital tokens that continue to meet our coin listing criteria and have a properly functioning blockchain and wallet. To ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before these coins are removed, for those where it is possible we recommend withdrawing these coins from the exchange immediately. Prior to withdrawing, we recommend checking the CoinInfo page as to the status of the coin.

PLEASE NOTE: The coins marked with an asterisk (*) have significantly broken blockchains or wallets that will not allow withdrawals. In those cases, the inability to withdraw your balance is not due to Cryptopia but caused by a problem with the underlying Blockchain or Wallet associated with that coin. Please do NOT contact us about these as there is nothing we can do to assist. These coins/projects are effectively abandoned.

    BestChain (BEST) *

    Cannation (CNNC)

    Creatio (XCRE)

    CryptoRuble (CRUR) *


    ElaCoin (ELC)

    ElephantCoin (ELP) *

    FacileCoin (FCN)

    FireRoosterCoin (FRC) *

    FonzieCoin (FONZ)

    Fortcoin (FORT) *

    GaiaCoin (GAIA) *

    GameUnits (UNITS)

    ICOBid (ICOB)

    Independent Money System (IMS) *

    KangarooBits (KGB) *

    Kurrent (KURT)

    LADACoin (LDC)

    Le Pen Coin (LEPEN)

    LiZi (LIZI)

    Macron (MCRN) *

    MetalMusicCoin (MTLMC) *

    PureVidz (VIDZ) *

    Rimbit (RBT)

    SharkCoin (SAK) *

    StopTrumpCoin (STC) *

    TattooCoin (TSE) *

    Xcoin (XCO)

These coins will be fully delisted one month from today (the last day for all these coins on the exchange being June 7th).

Any issues or questions regarding these delistings should be sent directly to the developers of the respective coins.

Kind Regards,

The Cryptopia Team

Ich habe jedoch keine der in der Email beschriebnen Coins auf Cryptopia, jediglich auf YOBIT habe ich einen Coin der hier aufgefürt ist. ABER die mail kommt ja von cryptopia nicht von yobit!?
Geht es wem genauso?


Aktives Mitglied
23 Dezember 2017
Da steht ja auch "we have identified that you have a balance OR deposit address" d.h. es reicht aus, wenn du dir mal die Deposit Adresse einer dieser Coins generiert hast, auch wenn du nichts deponiert hast.